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To understand teaching, we must listen to the stories of those who work in classrooms. The principles of Montessori teaching highlighted in these videos provide an invitation to understand how curriculum, pedagogy, and understanding the unique needs of each learner informs education for all students in ways that are inextricably linked!

“…Montessori is a completely different [teaching approach] but their emphasis on children actually learning is amazing, and it’s amazing to see students there work out a problem and actually explain to you how they got the answer… and how the mechanics work behind problem solving, is also fascinating… If only urban schools had more of an emphasis on what it means to actually learn and not just memorize standardized answers to standardized tests so that….. the education system would not write them off as another failed, underfunded neighborhood school with “those” types of students. It would be a heck of a breakthrough.”

Sarahi Solano, University of Utah Honors Student Elementary Education

What is Montessori?

Aron Weiss - Elizabeth Academy

“Montessori is a teaching philosophy that focuses on the student. It’s a truly student-centered classroom.”

Montessori Principles

John Funk - University of Utah College of Education

“What’s wonderful about Montessori and their ten principles is that it is the whole focus of a child’s learning. ”

Montessori Principles: Choice


“When students are young, they develop to make their own choices.”

Montessori Principles: Multi-Age Classrooms

Laurie Moreno - Brookview School

“By having those older children in the classroom, the younger children have something to look forward to; they have somebody to look up to.”

Constructed Learning

Dance Specialist: Chassie Bunker

“They can construct their own learning...”

Peace Education

Lois Bobo

“... we might have hope as the human race for having peace .”

Peace Rose

Lois Bobo

“I'm engaged in this process of trying to resolve a conflict.”

Peaceful Environment

Lois Bobo

“It's the children who are teaching us how to be better exemplars of peace in our own lives.”

Montessori in Higher Education

Jennifer Spikner - Elizabeth Academy

“How’s this not a part of university teacher preparation?”

Thinking Out-of-the-Box

Gail Williamsen & Jennifer Spikner

“They have the tools to really think creatively and apply.”

The Elizabeth Academy

Gail Williamsen

“I thought we needed a whole system that embraced children with disabilities...”

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