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Elizabeth Academy
Elizabeth Academy

See Inside the Montessori Classroom


Children from Salt Lake City spend the summer preparing for a new academic year! 






The Baby Boot Camp is a partnership between the UITE and SLCSD where young learners enrolled in the program are taught by Montessori and Early Childhood professionals.

UITE - Sponsored Get REAL! Workshops for

Early Childhood Educators 2018-2019



UITE, Rose Park Elementary, and Elizabeth Academy Get REAL! team present at the National Association for Multicultural (NAME) Education's Annual National Conference. Their presentation features the work of multiple stakeholders in PK-3 education.

Stakeholder Commitments to Social Justice: Teaching through a Montessori Curriculum for Multicultural Education


Mary D. Burbank, Assistant Dean, Director Urban Institute for Teacher Education, University of Utah

Koeun Park, Williamsen Graduate Scholar, University of Utah

Jennifer Spikner, Head of School - Elizabeth Academy Salt Lake City, Utah

Nicole O’Brien, Principal, Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah


Jessica Kornilakis, Teacher, Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Maria Plancarte, Teacher, Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Maria Sanchez, Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah



Responsive Education for All Learners

Get REAL! provides beginning teachers with classroom-based training using curricula and technology-informed simulations and modules with multimedia explorations for all students in Pre-K-6 classrooms.

Sponsored by the Urban Institute for Teacher Education
with support from the
Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Mary D. Burbank, Assistant Dean and Director of the Urban Institute for Teach Education (UITE) is pleased to announce an award from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation. Funding of nearly one million dollars will continue the collaborative efforts established through a first year of the Get REAL! initiative. In alignment with College goals for research, teaching, and community engagement, Get REAL! – Phase I included the development of a communication platform, preservice teacher education field experiences, and professional development.  Read more about this collaboration >>

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Why Teach?

Why Teach?

Educators are in the unique position of impacting lives in ways that are far reaching and lasting. As members of a profession dedicated to the success of youth, teachers’ work brings opportunities to learners to make the world accessible, meaningful, and filled with potential for the future.
Coupled with a teacher's role in facilitating pathways to the future, is a teacher’s ability to ignite passion, curiosity, and wonder. Perhaps we must answer the question Why Teach? with Why Not?!

What is Get REAL?

GetREAL Description video

About this project

Teacher educators have a critical role in the preparation of future teachers who value and enact teaching practices with linkages across the curriculum. These interdisciplinary efforts are crucial for fine arts, mathematics, and science with ties to technology and engineering.

While curriculum integration is critical for all learners, the unique needs of children with disabilities and those learning English require specialized curricula and experiential learning that meet the vibrant characteristics of these learners.  Get REAL provides real world opportunities to see these goals in action.


Last Updated: 10/10/19